Housed within the Genomic Research Laboratory (GRL), the Data Analysis Core (DAC) is a dedicated multi-user resource that provides state-of-the-art data analysis support for biologically related research.

Data Analysis Core

The DAC was created to remove data analysis as an obstacle to performing the highly complex and data-intensive experiments required to solve modern problems in life science research.  Experienced bioinformaticians provide guidance and support in designing and executing properly powered and controlled experiments.


Ask us about custom services. Every experiment has unique elements; contact us to discuss analysis.

Sequence Annotation

  • Illumina
  • Roche
  • GS-FLX&trade
  • Ion Torrent
  • PacBio

Sequence Annotation

  • Trimming
  • Assembly
  • Reference mapping
  • Assembly and annotation
  • Gene prediction
  • Protein function prediction
  • Variation discovery/allele analysis (INDEL, SNP, Structurals, CNV, Transgenes)

Expression Analysis

  • Gene chip (Affymetrix)
  • Next generation transcriptomics (RNAseq)
  • Mass spectrometry data analysis
  • Clustering


  • Experimental design assistance
  • Pathway analysis
  • GO annotation


Stanley A. Hefta, PhD
Director, GRL
Email Stanley
Telephone:  (540) 231-6585
Bob Settlage, PhD
Director, DAC
Email Bob
Telephone:  (540) 231-2777

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