Arlington County Collaborations

  • Working with Arlington County's chief digital officer, students in SDAL's Data Science for the Public Good program have established a comprehensive set of criteria that can be used to develop and improve any open data portal. 

  • In collaboration with Arlington County, our laboratory conducted a pilot study to identify messaging patterns that keep users engaged with their regional emergency alert systems, allowing officials to focus outreach efforts toward populations with the lowest levels of enrollment.

  • Among regional governments, funding for services such as public transportation often relies on accurate estimates of local employment.To capture a clearer picture of its working population, Arlington County commissioned our researchers to develop new methods for filling in the gaps left by federal employment data.

  • Using data from Arlington County's Operation Firesafe program, SDAL's data scientists have developed a model to predict which homes are least likely to contain a functioning smoke alarm—insights that can be used to target public safety initiatives toward the regions where they're most needed.

  • By integrating diverse data streams, our research team is able to provide policymakers with a detailed view of how emergency services resources can be deployed to maximize safety and efficiency.


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