Sallie Keller, Professor of Statistics and Director of the VBI Social and Decision Analytics Laboratory, The Role of Statistics and Computational Social Sciences in the Big Data Revolution- Virginia Tech’s New Social and Decision Analytics Laboratory, Virginia Tech’s National Capital Region Seminar Series

The big data revolution of the twenty-first century is beginning to transform science, technology, economic activity, and human behavior. Human behavior lies at the foundation of the major problems currently facing society, from obesity and health to national security and law enforcement to policy and commerce. Embracing this revolution is critical to shaping our future. The search for solutions to these important and difficult societal issues has created the need for massive information synthesis and the development of new social and decision analytics to support evidenced-based decision making under uncertainty. Breakthroughs will come at the interface of statistical sciences and computational social sciences, through the collection and analysis of vast amounts of data from new sources such as mobile technology, embedded sensors, blogs, social media, and location-based tools. To address these challenges, the Social and Decision Analytics Laboratory (SDAL) is developing new statistical and computational social science capabilities for the ambitious Virginia Bioinformatics initiative of “Information Biology” - the study of massively interacting systems ranging from molecular to social phenomena. To watch the presentation, go to at the VT NCR Lectures and Talks page

December 04, 2013