Virginia Bioinformatics Institute is pleased to welcome Professor David Higdon to the Social Decision Analytics Laboratory (SDAL) in the institute’s National Capital Region office. He also has a joint appointment in Virginia Tech's Department of Statistics.

"Dave is a fabulous addition to the Social Decision Analytics Laboratory and the institute," said Sallie Keller, director of SDAL. "In addition to strengthening our core capabilities in SDAL, Dave will help raise the Virginia Tech’s profile in statistical sciences."

Higdon joins the institute from the Statistical Sciences Group in Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico.  As a scientist there, he worked with statistical approaches that combine computational models with physical observations in a variety of applications in the physical sciences; these include nuclear physics, cosmology, orbital dynamics, hydrology and ecology.

While Higdon’s previous application areas are somewhat different than the focus areas of SDAL (e.g. data science, metropolitan analytics, health measurement analytics, education and labor force analytics, industrial innovation analytics), his research experience is well aligned for the coming challenges the institute will face--focusing on complex, multifaceted problems requiring multidisciplinary collaboration and the combination of multiple sources of information for proper understanding and inference.

“Within the open, collaborative environment being put together at SDAL, I am excited about the prospect of making progress on large-scale social issues of national importance,” Higdon said.

Published by Tiffany Trent, January 28, 2015