Date Item Title
2015, Jan.29 SDAL Seminar: Can Big Data Help in the Production of Reliable Local Area Statistics?
2015, Jan.20 Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences: Big Data Boot Camp
2014, Oct.08 About SDAL
2014, Oct.07 Riots in an Urban Slum: Using Computational Methods to Explore Social Phenomena
2014, Oct.04 Medical Care Expenditure Indexes for the US, 1980-2006
2014, Oct.04 Social Dynamics in Living Systems: From Microbe to Metropolis
2014, Oct.04 AIR Health
2014, Oct.04 AIR Education
2014, May.16 Celebrating Women in Statistics
2014, Jan.08 Education / Workforce Analytics and Big Data
2013, Dec.04 Virginia Tech’s National Capital Region Seminar Series