sallie keller

Abstract: Imagine waking up in 25 years, what sort of community will you be living in? More importantly, in 25 years, what sort of community do you want to be living in? City and county municipal governments want to be responsive to their residents, improve their quality of life, determine what services are needed, and to stimulate economic growth. During the course of administering public services and allocating resources, an abundance of data is generated. The story of the community is in these data. Every community has a unique phenotype, a set of characteristics that are influenced by its environment and drive its evolutionary trajectory. This presentation will share how we are fostering connections within the community to identify these unique characteristics with a focus on how to repurpose the various municipal and external data sources to support the community through data informed policy development.  

We call our approach Community Learning Data Driven Discovery (CLD3). The CLD3 process starts with asking local leaders what their questions are but cannot currently answer; identifying data sources that can provide insights; wrangling the data (profiling, cleaning, transforming, linking); using statistical and geospatial learning along with the communities’ collective knowledge to inform policy decisions; and developing, deploying, and evaluating intervention strategies based on scientifically based principles. CLD3 is a continuous, sustainable, and controlled feedback loop. Working with community leaders through the CLD3 process can build capacity at the local-levels for data-driven governance and evidence-based policy development. Examples from the Social and Decision Analytics Laboratory in the Biocomplexity Institute of Virginia Tech will be discussed.

Presenter Bio: Sallie Keller is professor of statistics and director of the Social and Decision Analytics Laboratory at the Biocomplexity Institute of Virginia Tech. Dr. Keller’s prior positions were Academic Vice-President and Provost at University of Waterloo, director of the IDA Science and Technology Policy Institute, the William and Stephanie Sick Dean of Engineering at Rice University, head of the Statistical Sciences group at Los Alamos National Laboratory, professor of statistics at Kansas State University, and statistics program director at the National Science Foundation. 

Dr. Keller has served as a member of the National Academy of Sciences Board on Mathematical Sciences and Their Applications, the Committee on National Statistics, and has chaired the Committee on Applied and Theoretical Statistics. Areas of expertise are social and decision informatics, statistical underpinnings of data science, uncertainty quantification, and data access and confidentiality. She is fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, elected member of the International Statistics Institute, fellow and past president of the American Statistical Association, and member of the JASON advisory group. She holds a Ph.D. in statistics from the Iowa State University.

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