SDAL Seminar: Public Health Information in Social Networks

Dr. Mason whose research bridges psychology and computer science, focusing on social networks, social media, and crowdsourcing. Prior to working at Facebook, he received his Ph.D. in social psychology and cognitive science in 2007 from Indiana University, went on to work as a visiting scientist with the Human Social Dynamics group at Yahoo! Research and then as an assistant professor in the Howe School of Technology Management at Stevens Institute of Technology.

Researchers in the social and computer sciences have been studying how information diffuses through social networks, and this research has meaningful implications for many areas of public health. In this talk I will present research on the factors and consequences of information sharing in social networks, including the structure of the networks, the content of the message, and the interactions between the two. Additionally, I will talk about how health researchers can leverage social media and the internet more broadly to create effective interventions.

Virginia Tech Research Center is located just a few blocks from the Arlington Ballston Metro. Underground public parking is available. The entrance to the parking garage is located off of 9th Street.

If you are an individual with a specific disability and desire assistance, please contact Tracie Hase at during regular business hours at least ten business days prior to the SDAL Seminar event.

Event Contact:
Tracie Hase   Phone:(571) 858-3132