The Social and Decision Analytics Laboratory brings together statisticians and social and behavioral scientists to embrace today’s data revolution, developing evidence-based research and quantitative methods to inform policy decision-making.



Principal Investigators

Goldstein Joshua

Joshua Goldstein

Research Scientist

Goode Brian

Brian Goode

Systems and Data Engineer

Higdon David

David Higdon


Keller Sallie

Sallie Keller

Director and Professor, SDAL

Korkmaz Gizem

Gizem Korkmaz

Research Assistant Professor

Lancaster Vicki

Vicki Lancaster

Senior Research Scientist

Pires Bianica

Bianica Pires

Research Assistant Professor

Schroeder Aaron

Aaron Schroeder

Senior Research Scientist

Shipp Stephanie

Stephanie Shipp

Deputy Director and Research Professor, SDAL

Tobin Joy

Joy Tobin