keynote speaker michael franklinMichael Franklin
University of Chicago

Michael Franklin's research focuses on database systems, data analytics, human-in-the-loop computing, and distributed computing systems.  He previously was on the faculty at UC Berkeley where he was a founding Principal Investigator of the West Big Data Innovation Hub and the PI of an NSF CISE Expeditions Award focused on Big Data analytics.  He currently serves as a Board Member of the Computing Research Association and on the NSF CISE Advisory Committee.

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invited speaker susan davidsonSusan Davidson
University of Pennsylvania

Susan's work lies in fundamental computer science as it is applied to biomedicine. Her research interests center around information modeling and management, database systems, distributed systems, and bioinformatics. Within bioinformatics, Susan's group focuses on models and systems for data integration and exchange, representation and management of incomplete and semi-structured information, provenance tracking and management, and scientific workflows. 

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invited speaker etsuya shibayamaEtsuya Shibayama
University of Tokyo

Etsuya Shibayama is a Professor of the Information Technology Center at the University of Tokyo and the Deputy Research Supervisor of the “Advanced Core Technologies for Big Data Integration” program of Japan Science and Technology Agency. At UTokyo, he is involved in the activities of The Joint Usage/Research Center for Interdisciplinary Large-scale Information Infrastructures, a joint program of eight HPC centers in Japanese universities. 

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