BLACKSBURG, June 28, 2001 - Thanks to the sponsorship of LabBook, Inc., Alberto de la Fuente will have an opportunity awarded very few young scientists. De la Fuente, a PhD student at the Free University of Amsterdam, was invited to participate in the annual meeting of Nobel Laureates, a seminar which took place in Lindau, Germany, June 4-29.

This seminar provides top science students from around the world the occasion to spend time with Nobel Laureates in varied scientific disciplines to discuss a variety of scientific issues. It presents the students a unique opportunity to spend time with key figures in the scientific community as well as meet students from other parts of the world with similar or complementary scientific interests. Nobel Laureates in chemistry, physics, physiology, and medicine have convened in Lindau on an alternating basis for one week each summer since 1951 for open meetings with promising science students and young researchers.

LabBook, Inc., an XML-powered bioinformatic Application Service Provider (ASP) for the life sciences, is one of the sponsors of the program. This year the CEO, Shawn Green, asked specifically that a student be chosen from Virginia Tech. Because of LabBook's strong commitment to providing the scientific community with a set of novel applications and tools to be used by today's researchers for tomorrow's discoveries, it is particularly appropriate that a student whose research focus is in the realm of bioinformatics be chosen. "Bioinformatics is becoming an increasingly integral tool in the scientifc discovery process. Encouraging young talented scientific students such as Alberto to learn about and maximize the tools and knowledge available to them, will ultimately benefit the scientific community overall," said Green.

De la Fuente's research on the subject of "Metabolic Control of Hierarchical Systems and Dynamics of Genetic and Metabolic Networks" is conducted under the guidance of three well established scientific mentors: Dr. Pedro Mendes (Virginia Tech), Dr. Jacky Snoep (University of Stellenbosch, South Africa) and Dr. Hans Westerhoff (Free University of Amsterdam). De la Fuente's research is conducted at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute at Virginia Tech under the direct supervision of Research Assistant Professor, Pedro Mendes.

De la Fuente feels this experience isn't quite the same as receiving a Nobel Prize, but it's close. ''During my short scientific career I have fantasized about winning a Nobel Prize. I am really excited to meet with these people who have received this ultimate appreciation for their scientific work,'' he states. Mendes agrees. "I am very happy for Alberto that LabBook has chosen to sponsor him to this exciting meeting. This will be a very enriching experience for this young scientist and no doubt, one that will mark his career."

About Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
The recently formed Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (VBI) is home to a world-class research program in bioinformatics. As a Commonwealth of Virginia initiative, VBI is rapidly developing bioinformatics research programs, housed at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA.

About LabBook
LabBook, Inc., is an XML-based life science informatics provider for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and academic life science researcher. LabBook's enabling software, including the Genomic XML Browser and XML converters maximizes the value of bioinformatic data by delivering information as 'live' reusable documents in a highly visual and interactive discovery environment. The combination of the BSML standard for bioinformatics with a biology-smart browser creates the ideal front-end for life science informatics that enables dynamic integration and annotation of diverse databases. LabBook offices are located in McLean, Virginia, Columbus Ohio and San Francisco, California. More information on the company can be found at

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Published by Public Relations, June 27, 2001