BLACKSBURG, Va., June 10, 2005 –  The Virginia Bioinformatics Institute’s (VBI) Core Laboratory Facility (CLF) hosted an open house on June 3, 2005 to unveil its new Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS).

Susan Martino-Catt, VBI’s director of systems biology, gave an overview of the system to members of the Virginia Tech community, which was followed by a short training session on the system’s use.

After the presentations, attendees were given a tour of VBI’s CLF and Core Computational Facility (CCF) and staff members were on hand to answer questions.

LIMS is a web-based interface designed by BioGraphWeaver Turnkey Solutions from GraphLogic, Inc. to track submissions to the lab and data generated from those samples. They system makes the sample submission and data retrieval process more efficient for the lab and its clients by providing a comprehensive system that stores, retrieves, and manages: projects; client and sample information; workflow and data management; storage of sample and reagents; equipment management; associated costs; audit trails; and security.

In December 2004, VBI contracted with GraphLogic, Inc. to begin design of the data management system. The software was installed for testing in February 2005. Beginning June 12, all DNA sequencing and fragments will only be accepted by online submissions. All other services will convert to online submission by August 15. Clients will be required to register to use LIMS by accessing the website and creating a personalized user ID. This ID will give users electronic access to the system to submit samples and retrieve data after their samples have been processed by the CLF.

The CLF provides analysis platforms for DNA sequencing and fragment analysis, RNA (gene expression analysis), and proteins (proteomics). The CLF is also actively engaged in the development and testing of new technologies as needed. The combination of application and development enables the CLF to remain a leader in helping researchers take a complete systems biology approach to their science.

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Published by Susan Bland, June 09, 2005