BLACKSBURG, Va., Dec. 15, 2002 - Researchers from the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (VBI) at Virginia Tech, the College of William & Mary, and Incogen met in Blacksburg on December 12-14, 2002. This workshop, the second in a biannual series sponsored by the Commonwealth Technology Research Fund, grew out of a recently formed partnership between the three institutions.

Over seventy-five research scientists and graduate students attended the three-day workshop. A tour of VBI facilities, including the Core Computational and Core Laboratory Facilities, kicked off the three-day event on Thursday evening. Friday was dedicated to individual presentations from research faculty and staff from the three institutions. Presentations covered a range of topics from bioinformatics data generation and data analysis to computational infrastructure and computational modeling and simulation. Individual investigators presented fourteen presentations during the day on Friday. These presentations were designed to foster collaborative research relationships between individuals from the three research teams. In addition, Dr. Ina Hoeschele, presented the keynote luncheon address entitled, “Microarray Analysis.”

The final day of the conference provided a forum for a panel discussion entitled, “Bridging the Divide Between Mathematics Modelers and Experimental Biologists.” The panel discussion focused on bridging the scientific communication gap between computational and mathematical modelers and experimental or “wet lab” scientists. Drs. Pedro Mendes, Margaret Saha, Maciek Sasinoski, and Greg Smith lead the panel discussion. The conference concluded with software demonstrations by Drs. Dana Eckart and Mark Levitt. The two discussed the differences and similarities of VBI’s “PathPort” and Incogen’s “Medusa.”

The next collaborative workshop between the three institutions will be held in the spring of 2003 in Williamsburg. For more information regarding the workshop series, please contact Dr. Susan Faulkner at (540) 231-1259 or

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Published by Public Relations, December 14, 2002