BLACKSBURG, Apr. 18, 2002 - Virginia Bioinformatics Institute is pleased to announce that Jing Li, Alberto de la Fuente, and Christine Lee have been invited to present displays of their recent work. 

Li and Lee created software that facilitates the display of metabolic pathway data. In the past, metabolic pathway software systems often did not display information in a clear, visually pleasing way.

This new software, created by VBI and Phenomenome Discoveries, Inc., allows scientists a greater ability to interpret their data. Additionally, de la Fuente has been invited to present his latest work in the area of genetic networking inference.

The conference, which will be held in Washington, D.C. from April 18-21, will allow computational biologists to learn about advancements in their field. "VBI will have a strong presence there," said Lee. "Rather than just attending this conference, we will be presenting, and therefore letting others in bioinformatics know what new things are being developed."

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Published by Public Relations, April 17, 2002