BLACKSBURG, Feb. 22, 2002 - An important software development project at Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (VBI), "GeneXpediter: Development of Data Upload Forms for Microarray Experiments", has been funded by an ASPIRES grant. 

ASPIRES is an investment program at Virginia Tech, funded by the Office of the Provost, the Office of the Vice Provost for Research, and Central Capital Accounts, which finances proposals that describe strategies for enhancing research and scholarship activities at Virginia Tech. Dr. Jennifer Weller (PI), Dr. Russell Kruzelock (co-PI) and Dr. Tom Newman (co-PI) received the award.

Microarray technology allows biologists to assess the behavior of thousands of genes simultaneously for a particular sample. Computers are essential for storing and organizing this information for proper analysis. While VBI has a database (GeneX) that can store data and has tools for some types of data analysis, the system lacks a quick and easy method for uploading data to the database. GeneXpediter will remedy that shortcoming by providing Web-based forms that allow biologists to describe their experiments and quickly transfer data from microarray platforms to the database. Once completed, these data upload tools will be freely available to all scientists at the SourceForge project Website for GeneX.

"Our hope is that our colleagues at Virginia Tech will become users and critics of the GeneX system once data are easy to upload. The best software programs come from development styles that allow many people to contribute," Dr. Weller said.

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Published by Public Relations, February 21, 2002