BLACKSBURG, Mar. 11, 2002 - VBI researcher Russell Kruzelock will present his work in the area of biodefense at the "Scientists Helping America" conference hosted by the Naval Research Laboratory. Dr. Kruzelock, an expert in microarray technology, acts as the co-principle investigator for the pathogen portal project. VBI is currently designing and implementing this portal, which will link databases worldwide and allow health workers to identify possible biological weapons. Both research areas have received recognition from the Department of Defense for their possible applications in the fight against bioterrorism. 

The conference will allow other researchers and defense agencies to learn about microarray and bioinformatics technologies that Dr. Kruzelock and his colleagues are currently developing. It will take place in Washington, D.C. from March 11- 13 and include scientists from institutes across the country.

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Published by Public Relations, March 10, 2002