BLACKSBURG, Va., May 14, 2008 – In recognition of her strong leadership qualities, Linda Correll, lab facilities and resource manager at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (VBI) at Virginia Tech, received the Virginia Tech Staff Leadership Award at the 2008 McComas Staff Leadership Seminar on May 1.

Linda Correll
Linda Correll

At VBI, Correll directs the Shared Laboratory Facilities program for the institute’s multi-user environment. She is responsible for developing and implementing many standard procedures for the laboratories, overseeing the management of VBI’s environmental growth chambers. Correll also facilitates laboratory operational planning and design, maintenance and support, equipment purchase and personnel training. In addition, she has played a critical role in the development of VBI’s emergency action plan.

Correll’s commitment to improved communication and the establishment of uniform standards of safety and compliance for laboratories extends across the Virginia Tech campus. She has been an instrumental member of Virginia Tech’s Laboratory Employee Professional Development Network (LEPDN), which was created in 2001 to help employees working in laboratory research, field research, and instructional lab units identify and promote opportunities for professional development. Serving on the network’s leadership team, Correll assists with the planning and coordination of guest speaker programs of general interest to laboratory technical personnel, opportunities for specialized training, resource sharing, and mentoring for new laboratory personnel, as well as staff communication and outreach.

Correll has recently partnered with the university’s Environmental Health and Safety Services (EHSS) to launch a university-wide autoclave use and verification program and accompanying training workshop, and serves as a quality assurance consultant for the Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) program. Correll has been an employee of the university since 1980, working at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine and serving as a university staff senator before joining VBI in 2003.

“Linda is not only well liked and respected in both the university and local community, but she is a positive influence for beneficial change at Virginia Tech,” says VBI Chief Operating Officer Laurie Coble. “She is a quick thinker, a clear communicator, and a natural leader – a most deserving recipient of the Virginia Tech Staff Leadership Award.”

The Virginia Tech Staff Leadership Award is co-sponsored by the university’s human resources, University Leadership Development (ULD), and the Commission for Staff Policies and Affairs (CSPA).


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Published by Susan Bland, May 13, 2008