BLACKSBURG, Va., October 16, 2006 – The Virginia Bioinformatics Institute hosted its annual Montgomery County High School Day on October 4, 2006, welcoming students and teachers from Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Auburn, and Eastern Montgomery High Schools. The interactive event was designed to expose students to concepts within bioinformatics and help foster their interest in science and information technology.

Several VBI faculty members, research groups, staff, and students hosted activities to introduce the students to the wide variety of research programs at VBI. Those at VBI participating in the event included Bruno Sobral, executive and scientific director, and research group; Chris Lawrence, associate professor, and research group; Iuliana Lazar, assistant professor, and research group; Chris Barrett, professor, and research group; staff from VBI’s Core Laboratory Facility; LaChelle Waller, VBI graduate research assistant; and Brandy Huderson, Ph.D. student in Virginia Tech’s Department of Dairy Science.

Activities designed for the students focused on areas such as microbiology, molecular biology, DNA sequencing, proteomics, and computer simulations and modeling. Many of the activities were hands-on, giving the students the opportunity to work side by side with researchers in the labs.

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Published by Susan Bland, October 15, 2006