BLACKSBURG, Va., May 24, 2005 –   The Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (VBI) honored its graduating student employees at a special morning coffee social on May 5, 2005.

VBI student employees work in a variety of research and administrative positions within the institute. Graduates are: Erika Allen, Education and Outreach Assistant; Jessica Caldwell, Research Assistant; Christopher Case, Research Assistant; Maria Dominicci, Education and Outreach Assistant; Shamitta Gibson, Fiscal Assistant; Andrew Kincaid, Laboratory Assistant; Angela Ko, Laboratory Aide; Christine Lee, Research Assistant; Lisa McCoig, Lab Assistant; Lisette Oakes, Administrative Assistant; Rajat Singhania, Research Assistant; Sabriya Stukes, Administrative Assistant; Jennifer Uerz, Facilities Lab Assistant; and Wenjie Zheng, Research Assistant.

VBI appreciates each of these students’ hard work and dedication.

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Susan Bland
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Published by Susan Bland, May 23, 2005