BLACKSBURG, Va., Mar. 4, 2003 - VBI Director, Dr. Bruno Sobral, will present at the GGF7 conference in Tokyo on March 6, 2003. His talk, titled "Data and Tool Integration and Interoperation in Life Sciences: Examples from Pathosystems and Challenges" will explore how the life sciences applies to new grid technologies.

Life science researchers deal with large amounts of varied data, from sequencing trace files to mass spectra. These data sets grow faster than the number of transistors that can be placed on a chip (Moore’s Law). In addition, scientists and other life sciences data consumers must convert these data into information about genomes, proteins, protein expression patterns, metabolites, and the interaction pathways that enable understanding of biological systems and processes. Therefore, life scientists require a framework for data and tool management and interoperability that supports these needs. To meet this challenge, VBI has developed PathPort (i.e. Pathogen Portal), which uses a “bus” architecture called ToolBus. On the server side, ToolBus employs Web-services, while on the client side, it contacts data and tools and views results through a single, consistent user interface. This bioinformatics platform is flexible and extensible, connecting “plug-in” data sources, analysis tools, and visualization components. The project exemplifies how technology can be leveraged to support distributed collaborations among life scientists. This approach should significantly enhance the re-use of the framework for different thematic areas of research. The presentation will outline our process in developing this dynamic software package.

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Published by Public Relations, March 03, 2003