BLACKSBURG, Va., May 2, 2004 – Bruno Sobral, executive and scientific director of the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (VBI), was an invited speaker at a meeting of the National Interagency Genome Sequencing Coordinating Committee on April 16 at the National Science Foundation in Washington, D.C.

During his talk titled “A Life Scientist’s Road to Interoperability of Data and Tools,” Sobral discussed VBI’s capabilities in several areas of interest to the biological community, including genome sequencing analysis.

Sobral also discussed VBI’s PathPort (Pathogen Portal) project, which he used to exemplify how VBI is improving the scientific community’s access to sequencing data. Developed by leading bioinformaticians, PathPort combines information about pathogens and their near relatives from around the world with powerful analysis and visualization tools to aid in the rapid detection, identification and forensic attribution of high-priority pathogens, whether they can cause infectious diseases or potentially be used as a biological weapons. The platform offers a “one-stop shop” for data analysis and tool interoperation.

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Published by Public Relations, May 01, 2004