Virginia Bioinformatics Institute and Fralin Life Science Institute invite submissions for proposals regarding the newly-upgraded Genomics Research Laboratory at VBI. Deadline for submission of applications is July 31, 2012.





RFP Number:  VBI/Fralin-GRL-01

PARTICIPATING ORGANIZATIONS:  Virginia Bioinformatics Institute and Fralin Life Science Institute

ELIGIBLE PIs: Any Virginia Tech faculty member


AWARD DATE:  September 1, 2012

AWARD PERIOD:  All work associated with the awards must be completed in the VBI Genomics Research Laboratory by May 1, 2013. Awarded funds cannot be carried over after May 1, 2013.

PURPOSE:  This program encourages VT faculty to submit proposals to fund next-generation sequencing projects using the VBI Genomics Research Laboratory.

Please Note: The Genomics Research Laboratory at VBI has updated the next-generation sequencers with the addition of Illumina HiSeq 1000/1500 and MiSeq instruments.

Research Objectives:  The main objective of this program is to facilitate and enhance the conduct of research in genomic sciences that require the use of the VBI Genomics Research Laboratory. PIs who have not used VBI facilities for next-generation sequencing results are encouraged to submit a proposal.

Funds Available: This initiative will fund approximately 10-20 projects with total program funding not to exceed $200,000. Proposals will be evaluated on scientific justification, the probability of obtaining extramural funding based on the data generated, and availability of funds. A technical review of proposals may be required as part of the determination for funding.

Eligible Investigators:  Any faculty member or principal investigator of Virginia Tech may submit an application. Faculty rank, department, and affiliation of other participants should be included in the project proposal.

Application Instructions:  Applications are limited to two pages, including budget and budget justification, single-spaced in 12 pt. font. The proposal should identify the goals for the research proposed, sufficient details on the project to allow reviewers to evaluate merit, and a summary or outline of the experimental design.  A description of the extramural proposal that will follow from the research must also be identified, including agencies and anticipated dates of submission. Applicants must provide documentation from the responsible individual that any additional necessary facilities, equipment, or services not covered in the VBI Genomics Research Laboratory are available to them for the period required to perform the work. Applications should indicate whether this is a new proposal or the continuation of a previously funded (from any source) project. If it is a continuation, applicant must explain why these resources are needed. Also include a contact name and phone number for the department where award would be made.

Review:  A committee composed of faculty with expertise in the areas where funding is requested will review the proposals. The proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

(i)    The likelihood that substantial grant funding can be obtained as a result of the proposed research.
(ii)   The intellectual merit and novelty of the research.
(iii)  The likelihood that publications in peer reviewed journals will result from the proposed research.

Reporting:  When an applicant receives a small grant under this program, acknowledgement and confirmation that the funds have been used as requested is required by May 30, 2013, along with a brief overview of the outcome of the project. A description of the extramural proposal that will follow from the research must also be identified, including agencies and projected or actual dates of submission. Failure to submit the overview report by the deadline may result in inability to participate in future small grant offerings.

Submit proposals electronically and/or questions to:

Dr. Stan Hefta, Director
Genomics Research Laboratory
Virginia Bioinformatics Institute

July 12, 2012