Date Item Title
2004, Dec.16 VBI partners with institute on Cutting Edge program
2004, Nov.24 VBI student research assistants receive awards
2004, Sep.08 Computer Science professor is awarded VBI Faculty Fellowship
2004, Aug.24 VBI researcher
2004, Aug.04 VBI and the College of Engineering Request Proposals for VBI Faculty Fellowship
2004, Aug.03 VBI awarded $2.89 million from NIAID
2004, Jul.11 Three distinguished contributors recognized at VBI annual picnic
2004, Jun.20 The CCF provides an hourly based support for system administration and databases
2004, Jun.09 Researcher from VBI advances fight against sudden oak death disease
2004, May.25 VBI welcomes nine undergraduate students for the summer
2004, May.20 VBI’s participation in MARCE highlighted in media
2004, May.16 VBI researcher
2004, May.12 VBI honors graduating seniors
2004, May.01 VBI Director Gives Invited Talk at the National Science Foundation
2004, Apr.20 VBI Holds Grand Opening for Bioinformatics Facility I
2004, Apr.19 Director of NIEHS Visits Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
2004, Apr.06 VBI Researcher to Present in Honor of Math Awareness Month
2004, Mar.16 VBI Loses Head of Public Relations and Outreach
2004, Mar.14 New Updates to PathPort/ToolBus Available
2004, Mar.07 Virginia Tech Receives NIH Funds for Brucellosis Research
2004, Mar.03 VBI Researcher to Speak in Egypt
2004, Feb.24 Virginia Tech Receives Equipment from Beckman Coulter, Inc.
2004, Feb.15 VBI Welcomes New Research Faculty
2004, Feb.08 PathPort Training On The Road
2004, Jan.25 New Version Of ToolBus Released
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