Date Item Title
2005, Nov.15 Novel protein complex enables survival in hostile environment
2005, Nov.10 Rajasimha to present invited talk at BioPAX workshop in Tokyo
2005, Oct.26 NSF to support cyberinfrastructure education and outreach initiative
2005, Oct.19 Students and VBI faculty participate in “VBI High School Days”
2005, Oct.06 VBI’s CLF Implements Latest Upgrade of Affymetrix Genechip Scanner
2005, Sep.27 Network Dynamics and Simulation Science Laboratory up and running at VBI
2005, Sep.23 Barry Whyte named head of communications at VBI
2005, Sep.06 Otto Folkerts named associate director of technology development at VBI
2005, Jul.11 VBI researcher receives USDA functional genomics grant
2005, Jun.27 VBI hosts NIAID proteomics meeting
2005, Jun.15 VBI hosts web services international symposium
2005, Jun.09 VBI’s CLF unveils new LIMS systems
2005, May.31 VBI hosts BRC and IOWG meetings
2005, May.25 Respected VT alumni visit VBI facilities
2005, May.23 VBI honors spring graduates
2005, May.15 VBI executive and scientific director featured in Science
2005, Apr.13 VBI researcher receives NSF CAREER award
2005, Mar.20 VBI researcher serving on National Institutes of Health study section
2005, Mar.20 VBI researcher and student present at Symposium on Information Visualization
2005, Mar.03 VBI implements customized BioGraphWeaver Enterprise Systems by GraphLogic
2004, Dec.16 VBI partners with institute on Cutting Edge program
2004, Nov.24 VBI student research assistants receive awards
2004, Sep.08 Computer Science professor is awarded VBI Faculty Fellowship
2004, Aug.24 VBI researcher
2004, Aug.04 VBI and the College of Engineering Request Proposals for VBI Faculty Fellowship
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