Date Item Title
2008, Jul.31 Key to virulence protein entry into host cells discovered
2008, Jul.15 Tips on how to build a better home for biological parts
2008, Jul.14 CIBRED collaborators meet for first workshop
2008, Jul.02 Tools for the Rosaceae genomics community
2008, Jun.26 2008 VBI Research Symposium to be held in September
2008, Jun.03 Brucella abortus S19 genome sequenced; points toward virulence genes
2008, May.28 Tyler receives Noel T. Keen award for research excellence in molecular plant pathology
2008, May.13 VBI laboratory manager receives Virginia Tech Staff Leadership Award
2008, Apr.27 VBI graduate assistant awarded prestigious scholarship from Virginia Tech College of Science
2008, Apr.27 Scientists Reveal Evolutionary Intricacies of Rickettsia Pathogens
2008, Apr.23 Elusive protein protects malaria parasite from heme
2008, Apr.20 Pathogen virulence proteins suppress plant immunity
2008, Apr.17 Barrett gives keynote lecture at HiCOMB 2008
2008, Apr.01 Huge virulence gene superfamily responsible for devastating plant diseases
2008, Apr.01 Stephen Eubank featured in ASM video podcast
2008, Apr.01 Jeanne Forbis named VBI
2008, Apr.01 VBI graduate research assistants receive outstanding student awards
2008, Apr.01 NDSSL Research Demonstrated in Technology Forum for Senate Armed Services Committee
2008, Mar.10 Scientists Simulate Pandemic Influenza Outbreak in Chicago
2008, Mar.10 Scientists simulate pandemic influenza outbreak in Chicago
2008, Mar.08 NDSSL conducts training for Defense Threat Reduction Agency
2008, Feb.26 VBI and Mayo Clinic investigate link between fungal proteins, innate immunity and asthma
2008, Feb.14 Researchers unveil landscape of human-pathogen protein interactions
2008, Jan.28 In silico modeling helps predict severity of mitochondrial disease
2008, Jan.17 New faculty member investigates impact of nutrition on human health
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