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2010, Aug.02 Persistent Systems executive discusses the key components of cloud computing
2010, Jul.23 UPI NewsWire
2010, Jul.23 Scientific American
2010, Jul.22 Scientists discover how deadly fungal microbes enter host cells
2010, Jul.21 Math model of colon inflammation singles out dangerous immune cells
2010, Jul.19 iGEM team helps prevent rogue use of synthetic biology
2010, Jul.19 Fondon discusses microsatellites, evolution and dogs
2010, Jul.19 VBI and VT Carilion School of Medicine and Research Institute facilitate research collaborations
2010, Jul.01 Laubenbacher testifies at congressional hearing on 21st century biology
2010, Jun.21 Whole genome sequencing of bacterial populations
2010, Jun.17 How DuPont developed a superior polymer
2010, Jun.15 VBI expands genome sequencing services, adds Illumina platform
2010, Jun.15 New world Helicobacter pylori genome sequenced, dynamics of inflammation-related genes revealed
2010, Jun.04 Looking ahead: Biosecurity, academia and law enforcement
2010, May.24 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute installs Convey
2010, May.21 Carilion Clinic Research Day showcases innovation
2010, May.17 New
2010, May.14 Virginia United undergraduate iGEM team to compete in synthetic biology competition
2010, May.14 VBI and partners receive $1.45 million award for plant protection in developing countries
2010, Apr.30 Lux receives Department of Defense SMART scholarship
2010, Apr.29 VBI is recruiting a director for computational resources and multiple faculty positions
2010, Apr.23 Computational Biology in Drug Discovery
2010, Apr.22 Genomes of citrus canker pathogens decoded
2010, Apr.15 Student training opportunities offered in pioneering field of scientific publication ethics
2010, Apr.13 High-performance computing reveals missing genes
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