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2011, Feb.11 Mathematics teachers learn to inspire students by encouraging pattern hunting
2010, Dec.27 VBI and Virginia Tech researchers contribute to strawberry genome sequence
2010, Dec.15 Key information about breast cancer risk and development is found in “junk” DNA
2010, Dec.09 Massive gene loss linked to pathogen’s stealthy plant-dependent lifestyle
2010, Dec.07 Immune system changes linked to inflammatory bowel disease revealed
2010, Dec.07 Researchers discover how natural drug fights inflammation
2010, Nov.19 Kids’ Tech University returns to campus with spring semester program
2010, Nov.16 Genome sequences for two deadly plant pathogens are making major contributions to research
2010, Nov.10 Distributed computing in a wireless environment
2010, Nov.02 PATRIC Driving Biological Projects Awarded
2010, Oct.22 Plagiarism sleuths tackle full-text biomedical articles
2010, Oct.15 Genomeweb News
2010, Oct.07 VBI awarded $10.6 million from NIH to model immune responses to gut pathogens
2010, Sep.29 Kids’ Tech University Offers First Off Site Program at Virginia State University
2010, Sep.21 NIH Study Models H1N1 Flu Spread
2010, Sep.16 ABC News
2010, Sep.15 USA Today
2010, Sep.14 The New York Times
2010, Sep.13 Renowned population geneticist Spencer Wells to deliver keynote talk at VBI 10th anniversary event
2010, Sep.09
2010, Sep.09 The
2010, Sep.08 Genomewebnews (sign-up required)
2010, Sep.08 Cordis News
2010, Sep.08 Wisconsin Ag Connection
2010, Sep.08 USDA Press
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