Date Item Title
2014, Oct.15 Ebola Hackathon apps idea
2014, Oct.15 WVTF with Bryan Lewis on “Modeling the path of Ebola”
2014, Oct.11 Ebola Hackathon featured on Quartz
2014, Oct.10 Blogspot covers Ebola Hackathon
2014, Oct.09 Marathe part of NSF $5M grant for tech to support data-Intensive analysis
2014, Oct.06 Silicon Angle lists Rivers Ebola data in tracking tools
2014, Oct.06 VBI hosts panel for Virginia Science Festival
2014, Oct.06 The Diane Rehm Show panel on “Containing Ebola in the U.S.”
2014, Oct.03 CityLab interview on “Does Ebola spread faster in cities?”
2014, Oct.02 Fort Belvoir on Kids’ Tech University satellite location
2014, Oct.02 Network Dynamics & Simulation Science Lab Hosts Computing for Ebola Challenge
2014, Sep.30 Urban Informatics, an Analytical Perspective
2014, Sep.29 Ebola Cases Could Reach 1.4 Million Within Four Months, C.D.C. Estimates
2014, Sep.29 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute to host events at the inaugural Virginia Science Festival
2014, Sep.27 VoiceAmerica on “Understanding Ebola” with Kathy Alexander
2014, Sep.26 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute Models Provided Early Alert to Deadly Potential of Ebola Outbreak
2014, Sep.26 Caitlin Rivers’ Ebola Data feat. in Center for Data Innovation
2014, Sep.25 International Business Times on using big data to help stop Ebola
2014, Sep.24 Senator Kaine media release on visiting VT Arlington research office
2014, Sep.23 The Atlantic on Ebola and Accounting for Human Behavior
2014, Sep.23 NYT on CDC estimates for Ebola cases
2014, Sep.19 Students help usher in a new frontier in STEM education
2014, Sep.16 Abedi joins Nutritional Immunology and Molecular Medicine Laboratory
2014, Sep.15 U.S. Scientists See Long Fight Against Ebola
2014, Sep.12 Bryan Lewis quoted in NYTimes regarding Ebola
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