BETHESDA, Feb. 9, 2004 - The Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (VBI) PathPort team today begins a series of PathPort demonstrations and training sessions that will take them to Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. These training sessions will give PathPort users the tools to optimize the technology at their own institutions.

Developed by leading bioinformaticians, PathPort (short for Pathogen Portal) combines information about pathogens and their near relatives from around the world with powerful analysis and visualization tools to aid in the rapid detection, identification, and forensic attribution of high-priority pathogens, whether they can cause infectious diseases or potentially be used as a biological weapons. The platform offers a one-stop shop for data analysis and tool interoperation. Unique features include “drag and drop” data transport tools, saving and sharing analysis work sessions, and data viewers with no command lines.

Day-long workshops will provide hands-on training to use genome analysis tools such as genome comparison, BLAST searches, sequence alignments, gene prediction, phylogenetic trees and other advanced features using VBI’s integrated PathPort software system. The team will also be providing researchers with information on how to access VBI’s Core Laboratory Facility and Core Computational Facility services.

The workshop series begins Wednesday in Bethesda, MD. The training sessions will then move to Charlottesville, VA (February 13) and Baltimore, MD (February 18 and 19).

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Published by Public Relations, February 08, 2004