Information Biology: the Next Evolution for Bioinformatics

The question is no longer, “What is the story hidden in our genomes?” but rather, “What does it mean for human life?” For the first time, we’re building tools that can find the answers.


Awards & Recognition

Inside VBI

  • Setting the stage for VBI's ongoing space consolidation efforts, 50 VBI employees moved to new works paces this month. Schematics of our main campus facility map out these new arrangements.

  • Each year, Kids' Tech University offers opportunities to spread the joy of scientific discovery. Find out more about the 2016 program and sign up to host a booth at a hands-on activity fair.

  • Planned improvements to VBI's high-performance computing infrastructure will double the square footage, add two megawatts of power, and expand to include 40 water-cooled racks.

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