Problem-Driven Science

Our institute's information biology approach is putting research to work in the real world, breaking down barriers between science and policy.


  • Could a new strategy for the distribution of vaccines help eliminate the heavy costs of ‪‎flu‬ season? Research from the Network Dynamics & Simulation Science Laboratory highlights ‪policy‬ changes that could help save lives and ease a massive burden on our economy.

  • In the fight against ‪‎lupus‬, scientists are still struggling to understand what drives the disease's development. But a recent Biocomplexity Institute collaboration has just answered a long-standing question about the causes of this condition.

  • Technology that can predict how our bodies will manage chronic diseases promises to medicine more adaptive to individual needs. Our researchers are putting these "smart" simulations to the test, vetting their ability to make sense of unknown variables in the immune response

Awards & Recognition

  • We're proud to highlight some of the latest grants and awards earned by Biocomplexity Institute researchers. If there is a special honor or funding award you'd like to be featured in a future VT News press release or upcoming edition of the institute's newsletter, please contact the Creative Services Group at

  • Robert Settlage (PI: Honglin Jiang), USDA, "Genome-Wide Identification of Active Enhancers in Bovine Skeletal Muscle and Adipose Cells", $477,000, 01/01/16-12/31/18.

  • Sallie Keller, "Feasibility and Efficacy of Matching Public Records with Sample Surveys", Census (HUD), $450,000, 12/1/15-11/30/16 

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