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daniel capelluto works with graduate students on molecular protein research

March 07, 2017

Molecular Alarm System Ensures Your Body’s First Response to an Attack Will be a Healthy One

If it’s not shut off at the appropriate time, the body's innate immune response can begin to spike at dangerous levels — a condition that’s been closely linked to heart disease, allergies, obesity, degenerative brain diseases, and cancer. Biocomplexity Institute researchers have discovered a molecular mechanism that keeps this reaction within healthy limits.

December 08, 2016

Biocomplexity Institute Researchers Take Celldance Film Festival by Storm

Biology Fellow Daniela Cimini's research just debuted at the Celldance Film Competition in San Francisco, offering and artful look into the secret lives of cells.

November 16, 2016

Discovery Could Take the Guesswork Out of When Meds Will Work Best

An international team of researchers, led by scientists at Virginia Tech, has just made the case for timely delivery of medication even more compelling. Their findings, recently released in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, could vastly improve the effectiveness of common chemotherapy drugs and host of other time-dependent treatments.

September 27, 2016

Search for Common Traits of “Survivor Cells” Could Help Build Stronger Synthetic Organisms

Biocomplexity Institute researchers will lead a team of international collaborators, working to identify traits that help some organisms continue to function despite extreme variations in their surroundings and internal composition.

July 26, 2016

Scientists’ Search for ‘Noise-Canceling’ Gene Networks Supported by New NSF Grant

A team of Virginia Tech researchers is leading an effort to uncover the mysterious genetic factors responsible for regulating cellular noise levels, backed by a half-million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation.