BLACKSBURG, Va., Dec. 17, 2003 - Virginia Bioinformatics Institute began actively integrating into Virginia Tech’s campus as approximately one hundred of the Institute’s employees started the move into the Institute’s new 59,000 square foot, on-campus facility named Bioinformatics Facility I. The facility seamlessly combines Virginia Tech’s traditional Hokie-stone appearance with contemporary architectural elegance including castings of bioinformatics research elements representing both biological and computational research. The three-floor building stretches along the intersection of Washington Street and Duck Pond Drive on Virginia Tech’s campus.

"By enhancing facilities for its research programs, Virginia Tech will be further positioned to become a top-30 university in the nation," said VBI Director Bruno Sobral. "This new building greatly increases the institute’s existing space, allowing us to integrate faculty, students, and research programs with their counterparts on campus proper. More important, the facility will provide a strong foundation for the next stage of our growth—our ongoing effort to recruit the best faculty and students to conduct the most rigorous and relevant bioinformatics research."

In addition to Bioinformatics Facility I, the university also began construction of Bioinformatics Facility II in March of this year. This construction project adjacent to its sister building will add an additional 71,560 square feet of space, bringing the total square footage of the institute to more than twice the size of its original facility. This growth marks the rapid development and growth of VBI. VBI will also retain its lease on its RBXV facility located at Virginia Tech’s Corporate Research Center, adjacent to the Blacksburg Airport.

"Service to society is one of the important benchmarks by which VBI measures its success, and VBI is clearly a campus leader in this regard," remarked Lauren Coble, VBI’s Associate Director of Administration and Finance. “This technologically-savvy facility—incorporating the latest of biotechnology with information technology advancements—provides Virginia Tech with a tremendous opportunity to provide a big boost to Virginia’s economy by expanding much-needed research programs and collaborative work.”

The new building will include a range of laboratories, including VBI’s Core Computational and Core Laboratory Facilities; and many office, meeting and seminar rooms. The building will be heavily equipped throughout with the latest in bioinformatics research platforms. The construction of the project was led Calloway, Johnson, Moore, and West, P.A.

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Published by Public Relations, December 16, 2003