BLACKSBURG, Va., Mar. 15, 2004 - Researchers at Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (VBI) have released new plug-ins for ToolBus/PathPort. New updates include a bundled visualization development set, phylogenetic visualization plug-in and micro-array visualization plug-in.


Developed by leading bioinformaticians, PathPort (short for Pathogen Portal) combines information about pathogens and their near relatives from around the world with powerful analysis and visualization tools to aid in the rapid detection, identification and forensic attribution of high-priority pathogens, whether they can cause infectious diseases or potentially be used as a biological weapons. The platform offers a "one-stop shop" for data analysis and tool interoperation. Unique features include "drag and drop" data transport tools, saving and sharing analysis work sessions and data viewers with no command lines.

Download and use of ToolBus/PathPort is free for non-commercial purposes and includes source code under the provisions of VBI’s open-source license. Potential commercial users should contact Virginia Tech Intellectual Property at for more information regarding low-cost perpetual licensing.

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Published by Public Relations, March 14, 2004