Systems Biology Investigations of the Human Gut Microbiome

Thursday, April 16, 2015
11:00 a m
1880 Pratt Drive, Room 2018
Corporate Research Center

Dr. Amanda Payne-Virostko
Toxicology and Biochemistry Section Head, Naval Surface Warfare Center-Dahlgren Division

Abstract: The human gut microbiome comprises one the largest ecological habitats on earth responsible
for maintaining host health status. The inherent complexity of the human gastrointestinal
tract coupled with species-specific and unique metabolic requirements has grossly hindered
functional investigations on the microbiota. In vitro models in combination with systems
biology offers a deconstructed modeling platform in comparison to animal models and are
well suited for performing functional studies to investigate microbiota and host - microbiota
interactions in health and disease. This presentation will provide an overview of current
in vitro modeling systems used in investigating functionality of the human gut microbiota.

Published by Tiffany Trent, April 15, 2015