Date Item Title
2016, Oct.19 Global Forum Takes Interdisciplinary Approach to Risk and Societal Resilience
2016, Oct.18 Researchers Present Invasive Species Modeling Project at the International Congress of Entomology
2016, Oct.14 Virginia Tech Researchers to Showcase Innovation ‘From Molecules to Policy’ at Nov. 1 Symposium
2016, Oct.10 TEDxVirginiaTech Speakers Will Share Ideas of Inspiration Nov. 10
2016, Sep.29 Virginia Tech Advances Goal to Become Top 100 Global University
2016, Sep.27 Search for Common Traits of “Survivor Cells” Could Help Build Stronger Synthetic Organisms
2016, Sep.27 Biocomplexity Institute Researcher Earns NIH Grant to Explore Brain Epigenome
2016, Sep.22 Embedded Learning Experiences Help Students Get Their Start in Research Science
2016, Aug.18 Exceptional Scholarship Earns Promotions for Four Biocomplexity Institute Research Faculty
2016, Jul.26 Scientists’ Search for ‘Noise-Canceling’ Gene Networks Supported by New NSF Grant
2016, Jul.21 Virginia County Pilots Data Analytics Project That Could Serve as a National Model
2016, Jul.08 Summer Internship Turns Cutting-Edge Science Into Full-Time Job for High School Students
2016, Jul.07 Advancing Precision Medicine: Computational Immunology for Next-Generation Healthcare
2016, Jul.05 Community Learning Project Added to Partnership in MetroLab Network
2016, Jun.28 Student Fellows in National Capital Region Learn to Apply Data to Solutions for the Public Good
2016, Jun.15 Uncharted Territory: How Big Data is Helping to Map an Emerging Zika Epidemic
2016, May.24 Biotechnology Educators Conference Connects STEM Instructors to Emerging Science
2016, May.17 Virginia Tech Awards More Than $11 Million to Help Feed People in Developing Countries
2016, May.10 Data, Decision Sciences Key Ingredients for Virginia Tech to Solve Global Problems
2016, Apr.18 Research Partnership Strengthens Data Science in the Military
2016, Apr.08 Computer Scientists Present New Method to Reconstruct Signaling Pathways
2016, Apr.05 Virginia Tech Research Team Fights the Spread of Invasive Pests
2016, Apr.01 National Capital Region Workshop Explores Destination Area and Beyond Boundaries Initiatives
2016, Mar.31 Researchers Closer to Understanding How Certain Cancers Resist Treatment
2016, Mar.28 Thermo Fisher Gift Allows Researchers to Explore How Genetic Expression Co-evolves With Environment
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