Date Item Title
2003, Feb.26 Tech Professors Provide Expertise in Radio Talk Show
2003, Feb.23 Studies examine evolution of two world-altering chemical processes in biosphere
2003, Jan.30 Funding for Study of Functional Genomics in Fruit Crops
2003, Jan.11 Bioinformatics and Information Technology
2002, Dec.29 Finding alternatives: Settlement seen as a ‘Marshall Plan’ for tobacco communities
2002, Dec.14 VBI, William & Mary, and Incogen Researchers Hold Workshop
2002, Dec.05 VBI Hosts Open House for VT Community
2002, Dec.02 VBI’s Karen Duca Comments in “Mouse Genome Mapped”
2002, Nov.30 Bioinformatics ahead for Danville
2002, Nov.30 Virginia Tech reaching out to city
2002, Nov.14 VBI and Sun Hold Workshop on Biochemical Network Modeling
2002, Oct.28 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute Receives Prestigious Media Fellowship
2002, Oct.28 VBI Researchers Release Updated Version Of ESTAP
2002, Oct.20 VBI Director Presented at NATO Workshop in Prague
2002, Oct.16 VBI Researchers Lead $3.8 Million Project to Decode “Plant Devourer” Genome
2002, Oct.15 Feds Launch War Against Oak Disease
2002, Oct.13 Professors win $3.6 million grant to study wine grapes
2002, Oct.02 Collaborators Meet To Discuss $10 Million Research at Johns Hopkins University
2002, Oct.01 DON’T KNOW BEANS? THEY DO. Researchers Hope to Help U.S. Farmers
2002, Sep.30 Virginia Tech Scientists Awarded $6.7 Million To Study Genetics Of Soybean Disease
2002, Sep.18 VBI Researcher to Collaborate in NSF Grape Study
2002, Aug.29 VBI and Phenomenome Discoveries Collaborate on Metabolomics Software
2002, Jul.28 Teens for the Future Visit VBI, Tour Facilities
2002, Jun.30 Bioinformatics at Virginia Tech
2002, Jun.24 VBI Director Interviewed on National Public Radio
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