Date Item Title
2003, Nov.03 VBI Director Presents in U.S. and Europe
2003, Sep.28 VBI Director Presents at American Society for Rickettsiology Meeting
2003, Sep.24 Dr. Laubenbacher to Present at Workshop on Computational Systems Biology
2003, Sep.03 VBI Central to RCE for Biodefense and Infectious Disease Research
2003, Jul.29 VBI’s First SBML “Hackathon” a Success
2003, Jul.23 VBI Director Serves as NIH Bioengineering Consortium Symposium Panelist
2003, Jul.23 Three VBI Researchers Attend, Present at NIH Sponsored Conference
2003, Jul.23 VBI Researchers Release New Version of EST Analysis Pipeline (ESTAP)
2003, Jul.23 Filming the Flu Virus
2003, Jun.25 VBI Researchers Release PathPort
2003, Jun.22 VBI Researchers Awarded $1 Million to Study Biochemical Network Modeling
2003, Jun.09 VBI Fellows Accepted From Virginia Tech College of Engineering
2003, May.13 VBI Installs World’s Largest Academic Accelerated Bioinformatics System from TimeLogic
2003, May.12 NIEHS / VBI Hosts Systems Biology Symposium
2003, Mar.13 VBI Chief Addresses Blacksburg NCTC Conference
2003, Mar.13 VBI Hosts Phytophthora Genome Consortium EST Database
2003, Mar.11 Bruno Sobral to speak at New Century Technology Council Technology & Toast meeting
2003, Mar.11 VBI and Virginia Tech Scientists to Attend Swiss-US Workshop on Systems Biology
2003, Mar.03 VBI Director to present at GGF7 conference in Tokyo
2003, Feb.27 Deadline Extended for CASE Media Fellowship at VBI
2003, Feb.26 Tech Professors Provide Expertise in Radio Talk Show
2003, Feb.23 Studies examine evolution of two world-altering chemical processes in biosphere
2003, Jan.30 Funding for Study of Functional Genomics in Fruit Crops
2003, Jan.11 Bioinformatics and Information Technology
2002, Dec.29 Finding alternatives: Settlement seen as a ‘Marshall Plan’ for tobacco communities
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