Date Item Title
2004, Apr.19 Director of NIEHS Visits Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
2004, Apr.06 VBI Researcher to Present in Honor of Math Awareness Month
2004, Mar.16 VBI Loses Head of Public Relations and Outreach
2004, Mar.14 New Updates to PathPort/ToolBus Available
2004, Mar.07 Virginia Tech Receives NIH Funds for Brucellosis Research
2004, Mar.03 VBI Researcher to Speak in Egypt
2004, Feb.24 Virginia Tech Receives Equipment from Beckman Coulter, Inc.
2004, Feb.15 VBI Welcomes New Research Faculty
2004, Feb.08 PathPort Training On The Road
2004, Jan.25 New Version Of ToolBus Released
2004, Jan.12 Blighted No More?
2004, Jan.11 VBI Core Laboratory Facility - New Location
2004, Jan.04 VBI Director Presents to National Committees in January
2003, Dec.16 New VBI Building Anchors Bioinformatics Program in Virginia Tech’s Top-30 Vision
2003, Nov.20 Tobacco Commission Executive Committee Visits VBI
2003, Nov.03 VBI Director Presents in U.S. and Europe
2003, Sep.28 VBI Director Presents at American Society for Rickettsiology Meeting
2003, Sep.24 Dr. Laubenbacher to Present at Workshop on Computational Systems Biology
2003, Sep.03 VBI Central to RCE for Biodefense and Infectious Disease Research
2003, Jul.29 VBI’s First SBML “Hackathon” a Success
2003, Jul.23 VBI Director Serves as NIH Bioengineering Consortium Symposium Panelist
2003, Jul.23 Three VBI Researchers Attend, Present at NIH Sponsored Conference
2003, Jul.23 VBI Researchers Release New Version of EST Analysis Pipeline (ESTAP)
2003, Jul.23 Filming the Flu Virus
2003, Jun.25 VBI Researchers Release PathPort
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