Date Item Title
2001, Dec.21 Research Relationship Announced between IBM and VBI
2001, Nov.10 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute Wins Communications Award
2001, Sep.27 VBI and Noble Foundation Awarded $3.5M by NSF for Plant Genomics and Bioinformatics
2001, Jul.31 Fourteen Letters that Spell the Future?
2001, Jul.30 Career Development & the New Biotechnology
2001, Jun.27 Young VBI Researcher to Attend Annual Meeting of Nobel Laureates
2001, Jun.27 VT Conference Puts New Research Area on the Map
2001, Jun.03 Science-Business Partnerships Stimulate Biotech Growth
2001, May.31 Informatics: Data Handlers in Demand
2001, May.03 Tech Computers Crunch Numbers to Study Genes
2001, May.01 Virginia Tech to Hold Nation’s First Symposium on Applying GIS to Bioinformatics
2001, Apr.21 VBI Forms Partnership with University of Nevada-Reno and S.R. Noble Foundation
2001, Feb.28 VBI Chosen as Sun Microsystems Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics
2001, Feb.24 Bioinformatics: A New Frontier
2001, Feb.24 Bacteria, Plant Studies can Affect Humans; Tech Adds to Research of Human Genome
2001, Feb.13 Researchers Meet in $10M Infectious Disease Research Collaboration
2001, Jan.17 Virginia Tech and Johns Hopkins Invest $10 Million to Combat Major Human Diseases
2000, Dec.17 New Research Software to Simulate Biochemical Processes
2000, Dec.16 Funding Plan Would Give $16 Million for Genetic Research Center
2000, Jun.27 Tech Ready to Carry Torch of Genome Project
2000, Apr.14 Tobacco Panel OKs Funds for Tech Center
1999, Dec.13 100 Million Plan Stakes Out Territory in New Science of Bioinformatics; Tech Center is First Step
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