Date Item Title
2009, Feb.24 Trends in gene synthesis
2009, Feb.23 Sobral to step down as VBI executive and scientific director
2009, Feb.19 Special issue of BMC Microbiology spotlights standardized language for describing microbes
2009, Jan.30 Comparative genomics reveals molecular evolution of Q fever pathogen
2009, Jan.14 Putting the brakes on a pandemic influenza outbreak
2009, Jan.08 VBI announces partnership with Mathematical Biosciences Institute
2008, Dec.03 Laubenbacher appointed Vice President for Science Policy of SIAM
2008, Dec.03 Researchers launch PIG
2008, Nov.18 Research consortium to sequence turkey genome
2008, Nov.14 Kids’ Tech University to be Launched at Virginia Tech
2008, Oct.14 BioTherapeutics Inc. - New nutraceuticals business launched at Virginia Tech
2008, Oct.08 VBI offers fellowships for graduate work in transdisciplinary science
2008, Sep.23 NSF Awards $1,000,000 to Develop Artificial Market for Dynamic Spectrum Sharing in Wireless Networks
2008, Sep.01 Innate immune system targets asthma-linked fungus for destruction
2008, Aug.07 Large reservoir of mitochondrial DNA mutations identified in humans
2008, Jul.31 Key to virulence protein entry into host cells discovered
2008, Jul.15 Tips on how to build a better home for biological parts
2008, Jul.14 CIBRED collaborators meet for first workshop
2008, Jul.02 Tools for the Rosaceae genomics community
2008, Jun.26 2008 VBI Research Symposium to be held in September
2008, Jun.03 Brucella abortus S19 genome sequenced; points toward virulence genes
2008, May.28 Tyler receives Noel T. Keen award for research excellence in molecular plant pathology
2008, May.13 VBI laboratory manager receives Virginia Tech Staff Leadership Award
2008, Apr.27 VBI graduate assistant awarded prestigious scholarship from Virginia Tech College of Science
2008, Apr.27 Scientists Reveal Evolutionary Intricacies of Rickettsia Pathogens
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