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2017, Aug.14 Using Big Data to Stop an Epidemic: Director Chris Barrett Interviewed by Healthcare Informatics
2017, Aug.01 Making the Invisible Visible: Biocomplexity Institute Launches Summer Program in Metagenomics
2017, Jul.27 Saving the U.S. Census: Biocomplexity Institute’s Sallie Keller Featured in Science Magazine
2017, Jul.26 Virginia Tech Team Takes Top Billing in NASA Competition
2017, Jul.18 New Tool Could Find Relief for America’s Overworked Energy Grid
2017, Jul.17 Precision Medicine Could Help Patients Grappling with Life-threatening Intestinal Infections
2017, Jul.13 From Epidemics to Economics: Biocomplexity Institute Agent-based Modeling Research Featured in PNAS
2017, Jun.28 Artificial Intelligence Aids Research to Find Best Treatment for Stroke Patients
2017, Jun.23 Child Safety or Parental Duty: New Study Maps Out Core Concepts in the Vaccination Debate
2017, Jun.20 Biocomplexity Institute’s Ebola-tested Tools Help Set New Standard for Federal Disease Control
2017, Jun.15 Researchers Uncover New Immunometabolic Target for Inflammatory Bowel Disease Treatments
2017, Jun.09 Music, Video Games, and 3D Printing Introduce High Schoolers to STEM at Summer Workshop
2017, Jun.01 Vaccinating Kids Early During Flu Season Could Have Surprising Economic Impact, New Study Suggests
2017, May.15 Top Students Selected for Summer Program that Will Help Shape Government Policy
2017, May.12 Biocomplexity Researcher Among Faculty Honored by Virginia Tech’s College of Engineering
2017, May.09 Undergraduates Assist Social and Decision Analytics Laboratory in Economic Impact Study
2017, May.08 Kindergarten to College Program Sparks Grade-schoolers’ Interest in Science
2017, May.01 Institute Recognizes Exceptional Contributions and Research Excellence
2017, Apr.27 Personalized Healthcare Leader Receives Accolades
2017, Apr.27 Social and Decision Analytics Laboratory, Arlington County Team Up
2017, Apr.21 Research Shines Positive Light on Harmful Bacteria
2017, Apr.06 Successful Drug Trial Hints at Safer, More Effective Treatments for Flu
2017, Apr.05 “Color-blind” Sentencing Can’t Cure Racial Bias in US Criminal Justice System, New Study Suggests
2017, Mar.29 Hopping the Species Barrier: Harmful Bacteria Discovered in Both Amphibians and Mammals
2017, Mar.22 National Academy of Sciences Committees Tap Top Biocomplexity Institute Affiliates
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