Date Item Title
2012, Nov.02 Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal
2012, Oct.31 Shinpaugh advises winning student design team
2012, Oct.17 Research on Clostridium difficile infection yields promising new drug target
2012, Sep.26 Kids’ Tech University launches new program in Abingdon, Va.
2012, Sep.18 Scientists investigate bacterial outliers
2012, Sep.17 Kids’ Tech University celebrates new sponsorships
2012, Sep.05 Small Grants Awards Winners
2012, Aug.30 Nutritional Immunology and Molecular Medicine Laboratory mentors area high school teacher
2012, Aug.21 Peccoud co-edited synthetic biology collection for PLoS ONE
2012, Aug.08 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute unveils new Genomic Research Laboratory
2012, Jul.31 National Science Foundation awards $1 million to improve the efficiency of DNA fabrication
2012, Jul.18 Botanical compound could prove crucial to healing influenza
2012, Jul.12 RFP: Genomics Research Laboratory Small Grants
2012, Jul.11 MIEP team attends Modeling Immunity for Biodefense symposium
2012, Jul.09 A breakthrough book provides step-by-step protocols for gene synthesis
2012, Jul.09 Kids’ Tech University a Program that Works
2012, Apr.19 Computational modeling yields a novel class of anti-inflammatory drugs
2012, Apr.17 Calvin Stephens to join VBI for undergraduate research fellowship
2012, Apr.05 Special Guest: John Wingfield, Head of BIO at NSF
2012, Apr.02 Algae biofuels: the wave of the future
2012, Mar.16 Researchers discover novel therapy for Crohn’s disease
2012, Mar.02 Science education heats up for spring at VBI
2012, Mar.02 New services available in Laboratory Core
2012, Feb.08 Genetic Rosetta Stone unveiled in Nature
2012, Feb.03 Mikael Ørem to speak about Ventac Partners
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