Date Item Title
2015, Oct.08 Grant Supports New Interdisciplinary PhD Program Focused on Big Data and Urbanization
2015, Sep.30 Research Team Refines Model to Predict Dangerous Errors in Cell Division
2015, Sep.21 ISNGI: Bridging the Infrastructure Gap
2015, Sep.10 Scientists Use VBI-developed Tool to Create Genetic Language to Program Plants
2015, Sep.08 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute Joins International Effort to Fill Gaps in Nutrition Science
2015, Sep.03 Research Team Gets NSF Support to Measure Social Networks’ Influence
2015, Aug.28 Research Team Reveals Cellular Clockwork Underlying Inflammation
2015, Aug.24 VBI-Developed Synthetic Biology Tool Transitions to Private Sector
2015, Aug.05 Researchers Discover Cancer Markers May Be Visible Early During Human Development
2015, Aug.04 PATRIC: Fighting Antibiotic Resistance Worldwide
2015, Jul.15 CINET: Capturing the Contagion of Networks
2015, Jun.29 Release of New Database Offers Easy Access to Building Blocks of Synthetic DNA
2015, Jun.11 CINET Workshop Registration Open
2015, Jun.11 Call for Participants: CINET Workshop
2015, Jun.02 Shift-Work Healthcare Workers Needed for New Breast Cancer Study
2015, May.29 IEEE Spectrum: How Computer Modelers Took On the Ebola Outbreak
2015, May.28 How Computer Modelers Took On the Ebola Outbreak
2015, Apr.30 THRIVE 2015
2015, Apr.30 New Framework Measures Fairness When Distributing Vaccines
2015, Apr.27 PATRIC Workshop to Be Held at Arlington Research Center May 2
2015, Apr.23 Procter & Gamble Joins With Virginia Tech in Strategic Innovation Partnership
2015, Apr.21 Carla Finkielstein Receives Alumni Award for Outreach Excellence
2015, Apr.16 Research Symposium 2015: Bright Futures
2015, Apr.15 NDSSL-NIMML Joint Seminar 4/16
2015, Apr.03 Ebola Modeling Floats Flood Response App
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