Abstract: Cell cycle control is one of the most fundamental and intricate systems in eukaryotic cells. At the heart of this process are members of the cyclin-dependent protein kinase (Cdk) family, which are organized in an elaborate network to ensure the proper sequence of cell cycle events. Despite this apparent complexity, we previously showed using a synthetic approach in fission yeast that the core eukaryotic cell cycle solely relies on quantitative changes in the activity of a single qualitative Cdk.

Building on this work, Dr. Damien Coudreuse and his team are exploring the behavior of these simplified yeast cells using a multi-disciplinary strategy to investigate cell cycle control from a different perspective. From redefining the role of the G1 cyclins in mitotic catastrophe to discovering a quantitative relationship between Cdk1 activity levels and periodic transcription, our findings highlight the importance of studying cell cycle control beyond its complexity. This approach allows us to uncover new principles governing the way cell proliferation is shaped in eukaryotes.

Event Contact:
Dr. John Tyson