Virginia Tech Life Science Seminar Series
Dr. Mark Lange, Institute of Biological Chemistry at Washington State University, on "Relevance of secretory structures for the evolution of terpenoid chemical diversity in plants"

Friday, November 21, 12:20pm, VBI Conference Center, located at 1015 Life Science Circle

Abstract: The plant kingdom produces an extraordinary diversity of natural products, among which the terpenoids are the most prominent metabolites.  From oil bodies in early liverworts to resin ducts in conifers and glandular trichomes of angiosperms, specialized secretory structures have played an important role in the emergence of structurally diverse terpenoids.  I will present evidence for the morphological, ultrastructural and metabolic specialization of epithelial cells that are responsible for the biosynthesis and subsequent deposition of terpenoids in secretory structures.  Efforts to understand the regulation of terpenoid biosynthesis and engineer the pathway for the production of high-value terpenoids are discussed as well.