It’s that time of year for the annual Biocomplexity Institute Chili Cook-off! 

The 2018 Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC) officially kicked off on September 24 and will run until December 14, 2018.  You can help contribute by participating in the institute's chili cook-off!  If you have chili you think can beat the reigning champions (The Virginia Tech Police Department), then cook up a batch and head over to the Biocomplexity Institute!  We also need judges, so please join us, with your exquisite palate, to sample the options and vote on the best chili recipe.

Sign up here to register as a chili chef or volunteer. 

All proceeds from the chili cook-off will go to Beans and Rice, Inc.

This year, for the overall campaign, Virginia Tech has set a university goal of $375,000 and the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPRI) goal is $36,202.