Thursday, April 16, 2015
1880 Pratt Drive, Room 2018
Corporate Research Center

Speaker: Dr. Amanda Payne-Virostko
Toxicology and Biochemistry Section Head, Naval Surface Warfare Center-Dahlgren Division

Title: Systems Biology Investigations of the Human Gut Microbiome

Abstract: The human gut microbiome comprises one the largest ecological habitats on earth responsible for maintaining host health status. The inherent complexity of the human gastrointestinal tract coupled with species-specific and unique metabolic requirements has grossly hindered functional investigations on the microbiota. In vitro models in combination with systems biology offers a deconstructed modeling platform in comparison to animal models and are well suited for performing functional studies to investigate microbiota and host - microbiota interactions in health and disease. This presentation will provide an overview of current in vitro modeling systems used in investigating functionality of the human gut microbiota.