Wednesday, November 8

From the basic building blocks of matter to the social structures that keep us safe and healthy, biocomplexity touches every facet of our lives. At our 2017 symposium, we are inviting the scientific community to showcase innovations that extend from molecules to policy.

Keynote Speaker

keynote speaker linda columbusRead Montague
Senior Fellow Professor
Biocomplexity Institute of Virginia Tech

Read Montague is a professor of psychiatry and behavioral medicine in the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine. He also directs the Human Neuroimaging Laboratory and Computational Psychiatry Unit at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute. Montague’s work centers broadly on human social cognition, decision-making, and willful choice with a goal of understanding their underlying neurobiology. 

Event Schedule

Researchers from all scientific disciplines are invited to attend the Biocomplexity Institute's 2017 Research Symposium on November 8.

8:30am Registration and Networking
9:00am Opening Remarks

Chris Barrett - Executive Director, Biocomplexity Institute
9:15am Keynote Address: Embedding Choice and the Neural Underpinnings of Social-Situated Decision-Making

Read Montague - Director, Human Neuroimaging Laboratory, Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute & Senior Fellow Professor, Biocomplexity Institute
10:15am Coffee Break

Presentation I

  • Speaker
    Fengzhu Sun - Professor of Molecular and Computational Biology and Mathematics, University of Southern California
11:15am Coffee Break
11:30am Presentation II

Robert Penner - René Thom Chair, Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques
12:15pm Lunch & Poster Session 

Presentation III

Christina Burris - Visiting Student, Mathematical Biocomplexity Laboratory
Josh Goldstein - Postdoctoral Associate, Social and Decision Analytics Laboratory
Yihui "Ray" Ren - Postdoctoral Associate, Network Dynamics and Simulation Science Laboratory
Meghna Verma - Graduate Research Assistant, Nutritional Immunology and Molecular Medicine Laboratory

3:45pm Data Center Ribbon Cutting & Closing Remarks

Chris Barrett - Executive Director, Biocomplexity Institute
4:00pm Poster Session II & Cocktail Reception
5:45pm Poster Awards Announcement

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Poster Presentations

Presentation Abstracts

Summaries of all our student poster presentations are now available for download.

Formatting and Printing

  • Presenters should format their poster content to fit the official Biocomplexity Institute poster template.
  • Posters should be printed at a size of 24" x 36", portrait.
  • Presenters are responsible for printing their own posters. We recommend students use Virginia Tech Printing Services as they allow payment using the Hokie Passport card.

Setting Up and Presenting

  • Presenters should arrive at the Biocomplexity Institute to set up their poster before 12:00pm on Wednesday, November 8.
  • Posters will be arranged in the second floor reception area and the second floor collaboration area in Steger Hall South.
  • The Biocomplexity Institute will provide materials for mounting your poster, including an easel, pushpins, and backing board.
  • There are two poster presentation sessions scheduled for the afternoon (12:30-1:30pm) and evening (3:30-5:00pm.) Presenters are expected to be stationed at their poster for the entirety of these sessions.

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