BLACKSBURG, Va., Sep. 09, 2004 - Virginia Tech’s College of Engineering (COE) and the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (VBI) have awarded the VBI Faculty Fellowship to Dr. T.M. Murali, Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science, effective immediately. Murali will carry out theoretical and computational research that will extend and refine the functional annotation framework he developed over the last two years. Students in collaboration with VBI researchers will execute specific biological applications of the annotation software to eukaryotes, microbes, and plant-associated bacteria.

As part of his collaboration, Murali proposes several projects with VBI faculty Brett Tyler, Allan Dickerman, Joao Setubal, Chris Lawrence, and Ina Hoeschele. Applications also include automatic annotation on a genome-wide scale, transfer of functional annotation from one genome to another, and other cutting-edge biological applications.

The VBI Faculty Fellowship was developed to provide researchers a platform to engage in a multidisciplinary integrative approach to understanding host-pathogen-environment interactions as they relate to infectious diseases. COE and VBI are confident that Murali's research will help establish contacts and develop relationships that will lead to future collaborative contracts and grants.

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Published by Public Relations, September 08, 2004