BLACKSBURG, Va., February 27, 2009 - The Virginia Bioinformatics Institute's (VBI) CIBRED project has recently launched a new website to showcase the project and provide educational tools for its partners. The project, "CI-TEAM Implementation for Biological Researchers, Educators and Developers" (CIBRED), is designed to expand VBI's education and outreach program in cyberinfrastructure, also known as CI-TEAM (Cyberinfrastructure - Training, Education, Advancement and Mentoring).

CI-TEAM Implementation for Biological Researchers, Educators and Developers (CIBRED)

Cyberinfrastructure, a research environment that combines high performance computational resources with scientific work, has become an important tool for researchers working on projects involving large amounts of data. CIBRED has allowed VBI to form collaborations with researchers from different scientific disciplines, as well as high school and college educators from several institutions nationwide, to build an educational program for the next generation of scientific researchers.

CIBRED's new website* - - provides an overview of the project, as well as detailed curriculum information. The scientists and educators involved in CIBRED are creating a collection of educational modules that will help instructors teach students how to use bioinformatics tools to better understand specific scientific problems in an environment that removes the boundaries between different research disciplines. Through the website, high school and college educators can view and download modules to be used in the classroom. The site also features information about the CIBRED core course framework and course discussion areas where users can discuss curriculum tools and provide suggestions for new classroom modules.

"The launch of the new CIBRED website represents a very important milestone for the CIBRED project," explained Oswald Crasta, project co-director of VBI's Cyberinfrastructure Group (CIG) and principal investigator of CIBRED. "The site will play an important role in the dissemination of curriculum information to our partners, collaborators, and project participants, and will help us collect useful feedback on curriculum design and implementation. The goal of CIBRED is to give educators the tools to provide hands-on activities for students, and this new website will be instrumental in this process."



VBI was awarded a $918,000 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) in support of the CIBRED project for the years 2008 through 2010. CIBRED is building upon the CI-TEAM Demonstration Project that was developed in collaboration with Galileo Magnet High School and Bluefield State College. The project was funded through a $287,000 grant from NSF in 2006 and 2007. Crasta and co-principal investigators Stephen Cammer and Daphne Rainey, also of VBI, are collaborating with educators from National University Community Research Institute, Hampton University, Howard University, Virginia Tech, and several high schools in Virginia and California to coordinate curriculum design efforts.

* The CIBRED site can also be accessed from the addresses: and



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Published by Susan Bland, February 27, 2009